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Interpersonal Skills and Leadership Development

"When I got my results, I thought that it was just who I was and I wasn't changing. Then, the next time I caught myself doing something I had received not-so-good feedback on, I stopped. So, the bottom line is that this system helps you improve whether you want to or not."
  – Laura Poeltl, Atlantic Merchant Services


Until now, executives have been the main beneficiaries of 360 assessments and individualized feedback due to cost. However, your technical professionals, managers and young professionals need leadership development and well-developed interpersonal skills to be effective with your internal teams, customers and vendors.

CircleSpring has designed and provides an economical and easy-to-use system of online 360 assessments especially for your professional staff such as engineers, IT professionals and program managers. We also offer programs for managers and your GenY/>Millennials employees. Using our Ambio360 asessment programs, employees find out what they do well and exactly what they need to do to correct unproductive habits.

When you offer interpersonal skills training to these important groups, your employees will quickly learn new behaviors that fit your culture of performance. All with minimal time away from revenue-generating work.

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CircleSpring's Ambio360 Online System brings these
benefits to your organization

  • · Improves employee engagement
  • · Increases productivity
  • · Improves team performance
  • · Builds positive relationships

The Ambio360™ System

  • · Contains 300+ skills and content about each skill
  • · Customized coaching plans for managers and employees
  • · Customizable surveys for your specific needs
  • · U.S. Air Force approved and used worldwide

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